CAROLYN AND THE CROSS Based On A True Story      


In 1975 Carolyn Proctor underwent a routine surgery in an Atlanta hospital. The day before she was to return home, she was sitting up in bed, catching up on office work, chatting with her sister who had come to visit, and talking to her mother, Julia, on the phone. A few hours later, Carolyn began to hemorrhage; although doctors operated to stop the bleeding that evening, they were unable to wake her afterward. Carolyn had slipped into a coma, and scans showed very little brain activity. Waiting for their mother to come home were five-year-old Jody and his sister, Becky. Carolyn, Julia, Jody, and Becky didn't know it yet, but their lives had changed forever. 

After months in limbo, Jody and Becky were still asking for their mother, and their grandmother was advised to tell them that Carolyn had died. After all, it was only a matter of time until the inevitable end came. Julia refused, and took Jody to see Carolyn in the hospital. What happened next marked the beginning of Carolyn's journey back to her family.

Told by Jody, this is a remarkable story of how God works through loved ones to accomplish his will for us. If you have ever wondered how to make sense of tragedy or difficult circumstances, this will inspire you to discover God's purpose behind it all. And if you have ever wanted to give up on the power of hope and love, be ready to have your faith renewed. 

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